Carolyn Killion

Available Books and Short Stories


The Alchemist’s Children

  • ISBN-10: 193954856X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1939548566

After their mother disappears, fourteen-year-old Gabriella and eleven-year-old Holden decide to search for her. The problem is, she’s a human-sized leprechaun and has traveled to the leprechaun world, which they have never seen. With the help of their Uncle Robert, they journey to this mysterious realm, where they encounter goblins and dragons and unexpected surprises. What they find is both more enchanting and more dangerous than they ever could have imagined. A leprechaun king is determined to invade Earth through a magical portal. To save their mother, Gabriella and Holden must find a way to stop a war between leprechauns and humans.



  • ISBN-10: 1939548586
  • ISBN-13: 978-1939548580

Included in the Boundaries Without Anthology is a short story titled Sara. It’s an edgy little tale about about a woman caught between two worlds, and doing her best not to start the apocalypse.